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Administrative Law


Welcome to Administrative Law

This course deals with the exercise of power by government agencies. Particular attention is paid to statutory and constitutional limitations on agency action.


Welcome to Administrative Law! This course has five chapters, made up of 18 video lessons and 190 multiple-choice questions. Designed for 2Ls and 3Ls, this course explores the exercise of power by government agencies, with a special focus on constitutional and statutory limitations on agency action. 

Chapter one deals with the separation of powers and how the doctrine impacts agencies. The chapter begins with an explanation of the nondelegation doctrine and how it limits agency action, before moving to the legislative and executive controls on agency action. 

Chapter two covers agency rulemaking, including the procedures available, the different types of rulemaking, and the exemptions under which agencies can create law outside the rulemaking process. 

Chapter three delves into agency adjudication. This chapter introduces the constitutional authority for agencies to engage in adjudication, the types of adjudications available, due process requirements, and the situations in which there is a statutory right to a hearing. 

Chapter four explores agency accountability, beginning with the impact of agency bias and then moving to the restrictions on ex parte communications between agencies and interested parties during rulemaking or adjudication. Next, the chapter will outline the agency obligations of consistency and openness. 

Finally, chapter five covers judicial review, specifically when review is available, the requirements for standing, timing rules, the scope of review under the Administrative Procedures Act, and the levels of deference courts apply when reviewing the statutory interpretations of agencies. 

Complete this course, and you’ll be ready to ace your administrative law final!

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