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Knock out your continuing legal education and have fun doing it

Quimbee delivers the continuing legal education (CLE) courses that lawyers need, complete with engaging CLE programs that entertain while they educate. Whether you’re looking for a specific course or want to complete all your reporting requirements in one pre-selected bundle, you’ll find affordable options that make it easy to earn your CLE credits.

What is continuing legal education?

Continuing legal education (CLE), sometimes called mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE), is a necessary part of many attorneys' careers. Most jurisdictions require practicing attorneys to complete a set number of legal education credit hours, typically either annually or biennially. This requirement ensures that attorneys remain current on developments in the law and maintain their professional skills.

Why Quimbee CLE?

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Pre-curated bundles by state or jurisdiction

Pre-curated bundles by state or jurisdiction

Complete all your online CLE courses with preselected bundles that are customized for your state or jurisdiction. We select course topics that meet your credit requirements and feature our most popular courses.

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Individual courses

Choose the CLE topics that are most beneficial to your practice with our individual courses.

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No talking-head videos

At Quimbee, we’re famous for creating legal-education videos that are fun to watch while also delivering content in an easy-to-digest format. We write and produce each course to both entertain and meet your credit requirements.

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Preview before you buy

Get a sneak peek of any Quimbee CLE course before you purchase to make sure it’s the one you need.

Watch courses on your own schedule

Quimbee’s CLE courses are on-demand, so you can purchase your course now and view it any time you like.

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Get your certificate automatically

Once you finish a CLE course, you can download your certificate instantly. We’ll also save your CLE certificates in your account for easy access.

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CLE Course FAQs

What is included in a Quimbee CLE bundle?

Our compliance bundles include a selection of courses that will meet your entire CLE requirement. The number of courses included in each bundle corresponds to the number of credit hours required in each state.

How much time do I have to complete the courses in my compliance bundle?

Once you purchase a course, you can complete it any time you like. You will have access to a purchased course until its accreditation expires.

If a course is accredited in more than one state, is there an extra cost to receive certificates in all states?

Quimbee will issue certificates for attorneys licensed in multiple jurisdictions at no extra cost. We will only issue certificates for jurisdictions in which a course has been approved.

How do I receive my certificate once I’ve completed my course?

Once you complete a course, your certificate will be available for automatic download. We’ll also save all of your certificates in your account so that you can access them any time you need to.